Our Melting Pot, Tagaytay

For those wanting to escape the grind of Manila, Our Melting Pot Tagaytay is your “home away from home.” A place where travelers can relax, settle in, and savor an unhurried pace as they collect their thoughts and enjoy the magnificent natural splendor of Tagaytay.

Our hostel is a welcoming and warm environment where you can come and enjoy home-cooked meals, make new friends, and really feel at home!

Why Tagaytay?

Located just 55 km (34 mi) from Manila, Tagaytay offers some of the most stunning scenery in Luzon. A far cry from the city, here you will find a cool climate, clean air, clean water, and picturesque rolling green mountains.

What makes OMP different?

At OMP hostel, we believe people make all of the difference. You can travel to another country, visit all of the most popular sites, but its the people you meet and the relationships you form that are most memorable.

We would love to have you join us soon!

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